Design inspired by Megumi of the earth .

Bottle image

The bottle design is a form that draws an organic curve. The motif is water drops. Water turns into rain and snow, moisturizes the skin, and goes around the earth. Designed from the beauty of nature, following Sekiseki's idea of ​​"obtaining beauty from the earth".

Blue is a deep blue color that reflects the image of the earth.
White is an unmistakable snow-white color inspired by snow.
The texture of the bottles emphasizes the look of each color.

The label-less and print-less minimalist look naturally blends into everyday life.
sustainable bottle that uses biomass PET and considers reducing CO2 emissions after use.
Package imageThe packaging of the product is made of corrugated cardboard, which is said to have a recycling rate of 90% or more in Japan, and the ink is eco-friendly biomass ink.

When you become beautiful, the
earth becomes beautiful.

Let's achieve gender equalityResponsibility to use responsibility to useLet's protect the richness of the seaLet's protect the richness of land