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✧✦Transform Your Skin With Nature’s Secret✦✧


Like your immune system, your skin’s immunity is crucial to help you look and feel your best. What you feed your skin can help boost its immunity, like fermented foods that are becoming popular lately for its many health benefits.
This process of preserving food promotes the growth of probiotics, which is key to better immunity. Nourishing your skin with probiotics can help your skin cells thrive, making them healthier and stronger to withstand harsh external factors like pollution and stress.

Get your daily dose of skin probiotic with SEKKISEI Vitalizing Serum, the first-ever serum made from 87% natural ingredients, including the Black Yeast Probiotic cultured from fermented Japanese dried persimmons – a discovery backed by 36 years of natural science research.

Revitalizing Skin’s Natural Health With Mother Nature’s Ingredients


Sekkisei Vitalizing Serum

A vitalizing serum using nature’s secret transforming skin to be firm, moisturised and brimming with energy.
Paraben- and colorant-free