Infinity Prestigious Intensive Rejuvenating Eye Zone Serum – KOSE Malaysia
Infinity Prestigious Intensive Rejuvenating Eye Zone Serum

Infinity Prestigious Intensive Rejuvenating Eye Zone Serum

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Targeting combined sagging around the eyes, this eye zone serum tightens skin and leaves it full of radiance and firmness.

  • Eye serum with a luxurious formulation that revitalizes your look.
  • Intensive care that starts around the eyes to create a brilliant luster and firmness free from sagging, awakening vitality around the eyes and even changing the impression of your face.
  • Full, oil-rich texture that feels dense to the touch, making you anticipate effective results. Gentle on the delicate eye area, it melts smoothly and melds to your skin like flower petals, providing total care to help achieve brighter and more vibrant looking skin.
  • Targets combined sagging around the eyes. Contains oil with a high refractive index to bring out the brilliance of the area around the eyes. A closely adhering veil provides long-lasting radiance.
  • Features PRESTIGIOUS original SMAS R-build Technology*. Also contains SMAS Bouncing Element, the evolution of Bouncing Veil (the basis of firmness). Fills the crevices of skin to provide firmness and elasticity, making skin supple.
  • Realizing both softness and firmness free from sagging, it gives a radiant luster and unleashes outstanding beauty with a sense of presence. Features an energizing floral fragrance that awakens skin vitality.
  • Paraben free
  • Allergy tested

*Technology formulated with Zingiber zerumbet and Thyme extracts to help give skin shape through firmness and radiance.

*SMAS: Skin Moisture Activation System

How To Use

  • Use as the last step in your skincare routine.
    *If cream is a part of your routine, apply after cream.
  • During first use, press pump several times until the product is released.
  • Pump the product once onto the fingertips and carefully apply it to the skin around both eyes.
  • Use slightly less product when applying makeup.