Infinity Prestigious Serum Indulgence 40ml – KOSE Malaysia
Infinity Prestigious Serum Indulgence 40ml

Infinity Prestigious Serum Indulgence 40ml

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A highly concentrated serum that contains micro-capsules filled with Rebooting CPX, a complex of beauty ingredients.
Recaptures youthful vibrancy and elasticity, leaving your contours looking more redefined and sculpted.

Product Features

  • A serum contains active ingredient Rebooting CPX that is condensed into countless microcapsules. Awakens strong firmness and elasticity teeming with vitality, for skin that looks toned.
  • Microcapsules containing Rebooting CPX are fused with the “essence base that supplies energy,” formulated with mate tea extract. Capsules pop freshly on your palm and mix with the rich essence base, then penetrate deep into the stratum corneum.
  • With a snug-fitting, uplifting sensation, it provides lifted firmness. Base contains nanosize phospholipids, providing glowing radiance to every part of the skin’s fine texture and leaving skin filled with hydration.
  • Allergy tested (does not guarantee allergies will not occur in any users)

How To Use

  • Use as part of your morning and night skin care routines, after preparing your skin with lotion.
  • Rub 2-3 pumps’ worth of product into your skin using your hands.
  • * If it becomes difficult to dispense the product, take off the pump, pour the product onto your palm, and squeeze the capsules with your fingers before applying.