Infinity Skin Integration Oil Mask - 5 sheets – KOSE Malaysia
Infinity Skin Integration Oil Mask - 5 sheets

Infinity Skin Integration Oil Mask - 5 sheets

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Gently softens skin and gives it a surge of radiance and firmness.
A fresh concentrated oil mask that’s mixed and prepared just before use.

Product Features

  • Formulated with 24 types of selected botanical oils and the benefits of highly concentrated cnidium officinale root water, an ingredient for beautiful skin.
  • This is a two-phase oil mask with oil and serum mask effect. As it is mixed just before use, it is able to contain abundant oil and deliver fresh active ingredients.
  • Integrates with skin and infuses it with hydration to soften the entire stratum corneum, awakening a glowing radiance and supple firmness. It leaves skin healthy, free from dullness caused by dryness.
  • Made with Bemliese, a soft cotton-derived natural material with high water absorption and retention. It adheres gently, comfortably wrapping around your face. Overlaying the top and bottom at the temples and lifting upwards to adhere the sheet creates a comfortable pressure that helps ingredient penetrate.
  • Softens skin with a concentrated oil-rich feel.
  • Fresh Floral Bouquet fragrance enriches the mind.
  • Paraben free, non-comedogenic tested and allergy tested.


How to Use:

  • Position the oil portion of the packet on top. Fold the packet outwards along the dotted line while gathering the oil towards the center.
  • Press the oil portion firmly using the thumbs to break seal and release oil onto mask. (Push all remaining formula down to the mask)
  • Gently massage the oil into the mask using hands until it becomes white and make sure the mask is fully saturated. (The sheet mask is made of a delicate material. Handle gently when saturating it with oil.)
  • Take out the mask, gently unfold and place it onto face. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Remove and gently massage remaining oil into skin.